• ACH Processing
    We can assist you with processing your customers ACH transactions. Ask us how we can get your ACH service fast, effective and efficient.
  • Payment Gateway
    Plug & Play gateway. Simple & easy to use API and virtual terminal. Contact us to learn how to modernize your internet transactions.
  • Real Time Payments – Coming Soon
    Underwriting Numerous Industries
    Affordable Processing Rates
    Easy Integration
    User-Friendly Interface
  • Credit Card Processing
    No contracts
    Lowest rates possible
    1 on 1 service
    No termination fee
  • Processing on the FLY
    AMG can get you up and running in NO time.
  • ATM Services
    Coming Soon!

Get To Know AMG

AMG has over 50 years of experience and expertise in credit card and ACH processing. We work with clients domestically as well as internationally. Whereas, AMG’s primary focus is on ACH processing that does not exclude us from assisting clients with other payment options. Whether you are a brick and mortar shop or an e-commerce site, AMG can assist you with ACH and Credit Cards processing.

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