• Low Rates
    ACH, electronic check, processing rates and transaction fees are significantly lower than card merchant accounts.
  • Faster Approvals
    Keep up with the marketplace. Obtain the ACH, electronic check, processing capacity you need to successfully grow your business.
  • State of the Art Gateway
    Seamlessly integrate your platform into our Payment Gateway. It’s secure, user-friendly, and will automate your payment needs.
  • Transaction Verification
    Accept payments worldwide with less risk, thanks to AMG’s verification services. Using our verification program, ACH can be approved or rejected at point-of-sale in seconds. Our solution can used on single transactions, large files, or using an API platform.
  • Payments in all Formats
    WEB - Auth obtained online
    TEL - over a phone granting a business to debit a consumer's account.
    CCD - Credit or debit where funds are transferred bw companies.
    PPD - Recurring entry for direct deposit of payroll, recurring bills, etc.
    IAT - Transaction involving an agency that is outside the USA.
  • Process with Ease
    Upload a file, connect with our API, use our payment page. Export the file in whatever format you need, NACHA, CSV, Etc.
  • Recurring Billing
    ACH payments are superior to cards for recurring payments because of our gateway’s simplicity. Future payments can be automated with more than 10 different scheduling options. Managing Accounts Receivable has never been so easy.
  • Risk & Underwriting
    Set transaction limits, monitor for duplicate transactions, hold OFAC items, text verification for transaction & more. Let our tools help mitigate risk for your business.
  • 25 Years+ Experience
    By using our ACH service you are becoming part of our vast network & leveraging our experience in this space. We understand the in’s and out’s of this arena & will help you & your business become become a leader in its space.

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