Why Use AMGs’ Services

for your merchant services you ask. Well it is pretty simple. Here at AMG our goal is creating beneficial relationships. By beneficial we mean that both sides win. If you look around our website you will notice that our credit card processing agreements do not contain: termination fees, monthly minimums, contracts, setup fees, hidden fees, high rates or other cumbersome items that would prohibit you from wanting to create a merchant account with AMG.

We get the majority of our customers through our customer referrals. As you know there is nothing better then your own client going to bat for you. Our home base is located in Orlando, FL., but that does not mean that we cannot help some who is in Alaska, Hawaii or some where far from here.

No termination fee, no contracts, & no monthly minimums

If you don’t ask, they won’t tell. It is likely that if you have gone through a BIG BOX BANK you have likely been tied up in a contract. Once you try to get out of the contract because you found a better solution they hit you with a gigantic termination fee. Oh and good luck getting out of that!
If you are not careful or knowledgable you will get sacked in the face with a monthly minimum fee! What that means is you must process a certain volume or that will charge you a fee. To us that does not seem like a company that is interested in creating relationships!

No Setup Fees, no Hidden Fees, & Lower Rates

There are no setup fees unless you get a mobile device or need to create a virtual terminal, but needless to say those fees are very low. If your retort is the Square gives me the device for free. Well I hate to inform you, but if you have gone with that option you have paid for the square over and over, because their rates are so much higher then AMG’s.

It is plain and simple here. We do what we say and say what we do.

Thats right! Big Box Banks are not likely to work with you on low rates, because they are only interested in making BIG DOLLARS!