Zero-Cost Processing

Offset Your Transaction Costs By Implementing A Technology Fee

Receive The Full Amount From Each Transaction- Increase Your Bottom Line

Solutions Available For Both Face-to-face And Ecommerce Transactions

Zero-fee processing is an ideal solution for many industries where accepting credit cards is often not practical or difficult due to processing costs. Some examples include:

Credit Card Processing For Small Business With MINIMAL Monthly Fees Is Real.

How can this be real? It’s simple! With this proprietary technology, our platform will add a small service fee to each customer’s purchase. You get the full purchase price for the transaction. When you receive your statement each month, you will only pay $29.99. Finally, a solution that completely eliminates merchant service fees.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Credit Card Processors?

  • 100% of merchant fees gone forever with no monthly fees
  • Only $29.99 gateway and terminal fee
  • Month-to-month contracts on all accounts
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Next day fundingĀ 
  • Terminal placement programs
  • Unmatched customer service

AMG Payment Processing

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