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An Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account?

Are you an Electronic Cigarette provider and struggle with finding a reliable credit card, debit card, ACH or other payment service? If so you have come to the right place for merchant services. Many banks and underwriters do not like any e-Cig related businesses due to the legal age restrictions and the issues with the FDA as well as the products not being FDA approved.

A few benefits of using AMG Merchant Services as your E Cigarette Merchant Account Provider:

  1. Credit card processing with a stable, reputable and affordable solution
  2. API, virtual terminal, Moto, and / or mobile devices to process credit cards
  3. Domestic and International MIDS
  4. Multiple currencies
  5. 24-48 Hour instant approval for credit card / debit card / ACH processing
Merchant Account for E-Cigarette
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